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Selling Tips

Preparing Your Home For Sale

While every property has good points, most have aspects that could benefit from some improvement. With a little thought and energy, and not too much financial outlay, you can make the most of your property's strengths and improve the weaknesses.


Presentation is everything...and it's often what sells the emotional appeal of a property.


The best way to prepare for open homes:

  • Declutter: don't just clean and tidy, but get rid of anything that may prevent a buyer being able to see themselves in the property. That means packing up personal knick-knacks, photographs, unnecessary furniture or decorations.
  • Repair: make any repairs well before the first open home. Fix things like chipped paint or peeling wallpaper. Clean carpets and consider if things like curtains and blinds need replacing, or at least cleaning. Fix any doors or windows that are sticking or squeaking.
  • Style: Once you've decluttered and repaired, consider using a home staging service to showcase your property in the best light. These stylists will look at your space and loan furniture which is best suited to your home. It is an added cost but worth considering if it will increase an offer.
  • Exteriors: don't forget the outside of your property. Make sure gardens, lawns and edges are all trimmed and tidied. Look out for areas that may need water-blasting, particularly after winter, as well as loose fence railing and blocked gutters.


The final checklist before viewings:

  • Open blinds and curtains
  • Open windows to let in fresh air
  • Check your flower arrangements
  • Turn on lights in dark rooms or at night
  • Light the fire in winter
  • Display your best towels in the bathroom
  • Clean and straighten rugs
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Pick up any dirty clothes
  • Deodorise pet areas and secure pets
  • Vacuum and dust each room
  • Tidy grounds and garden